How We're Different

Being in the industry for so long, we understand people's reluctance to change. Most people in the construction industry have been doing things the same way for so long that they are resistant to any change when a new product or system enters the market.

This was the same in the 1920's when the automobile industry showcased the combustible engine and showed how it could replace the horse and cart. For many, this was unthinkable. A horse never broke down, they were relatively cheap and were able to pull heavy loads. There were many problems with horses though, one of the biggest being the enormous amounts of manure they would leave all over the city roads and the work required to remove this each day.

There was a great resistance in changing to the motor car, however once people saw how efficient they were, how comfortable and easy they were to use and how they were more affordable than a horse; they soon started to switch over. The only reason why people were resistant to the car was because they feared change and they feared the disruption it would cause to industries all over the world.

Nowadays, nobody rides a horse for regular transport and instead people have become accustomed to using motor vehicles in every day life for everything they do. This drastic change that took place in the transport industry, will soon be the same with shower screen installation.The old way will soon become outdated and those who are willing to embrace change, rather than resist it, will be those who benefit the most.

The Hydro Seal Shower System is a complete system that allows professional builders, commercial renovators or amateur DIY builders to safely, reliably and efficiently install shower screens at a fraction of the cost and with huge savings in time. The quality of the product is unmatched and we stand by our results. We're so confident with the product that if you're a builder or professional bathrom renovation business, and you're a first time customer of HSSS, we will give you your first screen to try, on us. Simply click the button below to submit your details and have a chat with one of our friendly team. You'll be amazed at how quick and simple this product is to install and how much time and money you save on your builds.

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More Reasons To Choose HSSS

The Hydro Seal Shower Systems team brings more than 30 years’ experience in the industry to all that we do.

It is this experience that has enabled us to engineer a revolutionary frameless shower screen solution in a box.

Our patent pending hob channel design more than halves the installation time normally associated with this type of screen, which gives a great advantage to any tradesperson or DIY looking for both a quality finish and timely delivery of project.

Our culture of innovation means we are continually looking for even better ways to help your business grow.  

Our Key Team Members


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